A Momentous Occasion: The Launch of Alex Morton Creative

I'll admit! It's been a long time coming - even IF I wasn't fully conscious of it. 

I decided to launch Alex Morton Creative because I realized I had a serious passion for website design and customization. For making websites unique to the specific businesses, people, and ideas they represent. 

I'm still hammering down the main functions of my client process, but I absolutely cannot wait to experience the full potential of this new online business. 

To be able to help small businesses and entrepreneurs find their footing in the online world - THAT is truly something. And I feel that in this moment, it's exactly what I want to be doing.

So here's to a new experience in the ever-changing landscape that is life.

The ups, the downs, the unknowns...

...And the amazing adventure that has finally been manifested into something more concrete as Alex Morton Creative.

EntrepreneurAlex Morton