Inspiring, Game-Changing Podcasts for Creative Boss Ladies Everywhere

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It's no secret that podcasts are all the rage right now. 

I mean, if you think about it, they give you the chance to listen while not having to pay any visual attention whatsoever. You could be doing your work with a podcast playing in the back, you could be on a run, you could be on your way to the store - and you'd have the opportunity to learn something new at the same time. 

And the thing is - podcasts aren't going anywhere. 

In fact, they're really only just the beginning of all the future possibilities involving sound and audio (looking at you, Alexa). 

So, without further ado, I wanted to share my three FAVORITE podcasts that have helped me enormously at different stages of my own entrepreneurial journey. 

Yes, there are so, so many podcasts out there, but if I were to list even more of my faves, I just think they'd get lost in all the noise (love those puns!) of information.

My Top 4 Favorite Podcasts for Creative Boss Ladies:

1. Don't Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Miller

The Don't Keep Your Day Job podcast is my most recent obsession, and I’ve been listening it to it the most while building up Alex Morton Creative and working on my latest client project! 

Cathy, a singer-songwriter, is all about figuring out how to turn your creative passion into something profitable for you to live your life doing just that. She is so empowering, and it almost feels like she is my own personal cheerleader - but that’s probably how many of her listeners feel!

My favorite episode that I listen to when I need a pep talk is How to Get Grit with Caroline Miller - it’s so awesome and talks about how to get grit and that we need to be more focused on pursuing long and difficult goals as opposed to instant gratification (as some of us may be well accustomed to!)

Cathy ends each episode with a song she’s written, and they’re such upbeat and positive tunes! Ah, I just can't get enough - this is an absolute must for any creative entrepreneur!

2. Confessions of the Female Entrepreneur with Alyssa Martin

Ah, Confessions of the Female Entrepreneur. This is the podcast I completely binged on when I first launched So You Think You Can France and just played all the episodes in the background while hitting the grind every single day! (I love those moments when I'm just so 100% motivated by whatever my current project is! It doesn’t happen all the time and it’s definitely not sustainable over the long run, but when it DOES happen, I’m in motivation heaven!)

Alyssa’s mission of the podcast is to get to the bottom of the struggles women face and overcome when starting their own businesses, and the guests who’ve appeared on the episodes all have something special and unique to add to the entire mix. I was introduced to brands I ended up falling in love with and resources from women who have DONE it and started something for themselves.

If anything, it made me realize that entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be some way mysterious thing that I’d never figure out. Instead, by listening to these women, I soon learned that I could see myself in all of their stories (especially at the beginning of these stories!) and I wanted the freedom and achievement that they were experiencing for themselves!

3. Marie TV (Podcast Version) with Marie Forleo

Again with the great guests! My memories of listening to Marie TV also date back to my launch and endless work with So You Think You Can France, as well as bussing through Europe (particularly all across the north of Spain back to France) last summer when I wanted to practice my Spanish and decided to work as an au pair!

Marie's show is quirky, silly, and doesn’t take itself too seriously - the podcast is full of funny moments and 100% genuine authenticity.

Through Marie TV, I was introduced to the thought leader Seth Godin in this episode - and have listened to it many times while finding something special time and time again!

4. Sex Ed with DB with Danielle Bezalel

So not business-focused, and… okay, I’m a little (read: very) biased because Sex Ed with DB is actually my latest client and dear friend - BUT I’m so excited about this intersectional, feminist podcast because it’s so, so needed in our American society, where sexual education leaves (ahem) MUCH to be desired.

Danielle (aka DB) talks with five different Bay Area voices in each episode about topics ranging from sexual health to sexual identity to flirting to kinks and BDSM in a very open, engaging, and lovely way.

I 100% recommend it for all boss ladies who want to add something a little, hmmm, spicier to their podcast collection!

Also, be sure to check out the Sex Ed With DB website once it launches later this month - it’s my favorite website design I’ve done to date!!

I'm always on the hunt for great new, inspiring podcasts that call me to action and get me motivated for each new day!

Do you know of goodies? If so, please DO share below! 


Stay cool. Stay creative!