Avoid One of the Most Common Squarespace Template Mistakes

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One major mistake I tend to see a lot from people designing their own Squarespace website is that they choose a template based on that template’s advertised model. 

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For example, if a certain template shows a yoga studio, a yoga studio owner might possibly think this is her only option for her website template. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The fact of the matter is that you need to be clear on the features and functions of your site before you even begin browsing templates. 

Let me clarify.

IF you want a well thought out, professional, and converting website, you need to have a plan in mind before any spur-of-the-moment website designs. 

This is for your own good, love, to avoid any costly (time- and, quite possibly, money-wise) redesigns and alterations down the line. 

Here’s a major question you need to ask yourself before browsing around for a new Squarespace template to design your new website on:

What specific functions do I need my website to have?

Other questions you may want to consider:

  • What do the websites that inspire me look like?
  • Do I like that their navigation bar spans across the entire length of the screen?
  • Do I like that there is an easily-visible sidebar on the right-hand side that advertises any pertinent information? How the social icons are displayed?

A lot of these functionalities have to do with the fundamental base of each Squarespace template. 

Actionable Step for you (aka what you can do to ensure you start your website design process on the right foot): make a list of any and all features and functionalities you’d like on your website.

If you like one site's navigation bar and another site's logo positioning, write it all down in your notes!

Once you’ve completed this type of website research, I encourage you to take a more focused look at the Squarespace template options, to type in the keywords of things you’d like to see (interactive navigation, sidebar, etc) and to make a few notes of potential templates you could see yourself using. 

As soon as you have your list, great job! You can now further narrow it down by doing some research on each template, the template family, and each one’s capabilities and/or limitations. Just Google the template choices you have, and Squarespace has impeccable informational pages about how each template can be used, what features it has, and usually some great examples of live websites using it!

Choosing templates in squarespace Alex Morton Creative

Once you find The One, stand tall in your power, and make the decision to use it! You can always go back and change it down the line if it’s really not working out.

Psst. You can find out how to switch Squarespace templates right over here, should you need to!

Until then, be happy and confident in your decision and get to work (read: have fun!) getting down to the nitty gritty of your new Squarespace website design! 


Stay cool, stay creative - 

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