Case Study: Web Design for Artful Career Academy

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Artful Career Academy is an online career development program for artists who are just starting out in their careers. It’s meant to guide them through the business side of making a great living from their art while still being balanced with the space and time it takes to create.

Kristina Solheim’s goal for the ACA website was to market the program (which would ultimately be conducted using a separate online-course platform) to her clients.

With ACA, Kristina’s overall goal was to provide business coaching for artists who may feel overwhelmed by the beginning of their art careers and who may have no concrete idea about how to create successful businesses that will support them.

In other words, the Artful Career Academy program gives structure and a roadmap to getting from Dreamer to Artist.


To start our design process, I needed to conduct some visual research (one of my favorite parts of the process!). As usual, I head to Unsplash - an amazing free stock photo resource - to start gathering visual samplings of how the overall brand would look and feel.

Overall, the mood was to be bright and artful (of course!). ACA students were excited about their colorful futures in their artful careers.

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ACA Mood Board.jpg


Kristina had already had a nice font logo layout for ACA, but she wanted a little bit of an embellishment with a school building icon to further highlight the school-like experience she provides for her students.

Logo 1-8.png
ACA Favicon.png

The favicon (browser icon you see in the web page tab) was made from the same building icon in the logo but filled in with the same turquoise color found in the brand’s color palette.

Web Design

As Kristina’s overall goal was to provide support for artists during the overwhelm of the beginnings of their art careers, we wanted to make sure that the website captured that same supportive, school-like mood.

(To see some of the designed pages, just scroll right and left on the slideshow below!)

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To learn more about Artful Career Academy or to see the live website, just head on over here!

And if you're interested in a custom website of your own, just click the button below.

Stay cool, stay creative - 

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