Case Study: Sex Ed with DB Podcast Website

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So a few months ago, I designed the website for the amazing podcast Sex Ed with DB - which is an intersectional, feminist podcast with aspirations to spread awareness of sexual education as well as to erase the taboo and stigma surrounding talking about sex! 

I wanted to use this post as a means to delve even deeper into the process I used to design Danielle's (aka DB's) website. So let's dive in!

Phone Call Consultation with Client

So all of my design processes begin with a good ol' consultation call in which my client and I go over all initial and pre-design things! In this particular instance, Danielle was telling me what her limitations were in terms of having a Tumblr but wanting to be more accessible and autonomous with a real website, how she wanted to present the podcast, etc. I used this opportunity to lay my foundations in order to visualize just what Danielle was looking for. 

From the phone call I was able to take a lot of notes and already start to have an idea of the website she was looking for. I remember making the connection of more feminine, delicate websites being similar Beyonce’s song 'Halo,' while Danielle was wanting more of a 'Partition' style in order to convey her daring and bold podcast! (That comparison will always, always stick with me!)

Welcome Packet | Creative Briefs | Brand Questionnaires

From there, I sent Danielle my big Alex Morton Creative Welcome Packet - a PDF file chock-full of branding and visionary questions, likes/dislikes, what the project is all about, who the project is for, etc. Essentially, it was similar to our initial call but wayyyy more detailed and insightful. 

Usually I schedule my clients a few weeks out in order to give them ample time to complete the “homework” (ha!) but Danielle was ready to start so she knocked out all of the homework in a weekend or so! And since I was available to start designing, we went for it! 

After receiving her branding questionnaire as well as her Pinterest inspirations in our shared Secret Pinterest Board, I set to work creating a mood board that I’d be using as a guide for the creation of her website. Once completed, I sent that over for her to take a look at. As soon as she signed off on it, I put my head down and got to work!

Sex Ed With DB MoodBoard.jpg

Week 1: The Website Design Week

For the next week, I busied myself with pulling all of the content together on the website. I used the 'Mentor' Template in Squarespace because I felt it was most capable of sharing and broadcast Sex Ed with DB's bold narrative and podcast story. I used photos, illustrations Danielle had commissioned, and all the copy she had supplied me with in our shared Google Drive Folder. If I needed other photos, I downloaded them freely from Unsplash (LOVE this website for filler photos!!)

For the Sex Ed with DB website, we created 7 major pages:

  • Home (the podcast mission, testimonials, photos)
  • About (Danielle's story, featured voices on the podcast)
  • Podcast (individual episodes beautifully embedded through Soundcloud as well as a link option to download them from iTunes)
    • Note: it was so easy to upload each individual podcast through embedding a simple SoundCloud link (using a Squarespace block - no coding required!). Likewise, we also added in a button for users to have the option to download individual episodes directly from iTunes (the button would then open up Apple iTunes on the user’s end).
  • Team (the behind-the-scenes production team)
  • Media (press articles and publicity for the podcast)
  • Donate (with a story and link to the podcast's GoFundMe page) 
  • Contact (to work/partner with the podcast team)

Week 2: Edits & Adjustments

After that first week, once I’d finished the first draft of the website design, I sent Danielle the link to look over and send me a long list of any and all of her changes to which she did - beautifully. She took each page, one by one, and gave me a list of all of her ideas that we might be able to implement. I love this system because it gives me a readily-prioritized list to move down and mark off each “to-do” as it comes along! What could be better?

Once I’d completed the first round of revisions, I sent it back to Danielle for review. She then came back again with some more ideas and adjustments. We went on like this until everything was perfectly to her liking for the rest of that second week! 

Pre-Launch & Off-Boarding

At the end of the second week and before the launch (I’d also set up a “Coming Soon” page during the duration of the project so that she could start building anticipation in her audience), we chatted on the phone for about an hour about how to manage her website from the backend. During this off-boarding session, I took extensive notes on any questions Danielle had in order to send her a copy after the conversation to which she’d be able to refer to if she got confused about a certain functionality. The off boarding process is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of my process because I’m able to leave knowing my clients feel totally supported and informed about their website and website platform!

Portfolio DB.jpg

...And that's a launch!

We successfully launched a wonderful website for an even more wonderful project, and I feel so happy to have gotten the chance to work with such an amazing team!

I’m happy to say that is performing swimmingly and that Danielle is in the process of getting funding for Season 2 and that it will be airing very soon! Do check out the podcast if you're interested and consider donating a buck or two to a (very) worthy cause!


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