How to Crop a Circle-Shaped Image in Photoshop

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Alright, friends! Let's crop a circle-shaped photo in Photoshop! It's super, super simple but not the most intuitive - so it's good to just have a little reminder of how to do it! Let's get into it!

  1. Open your photo in Photoshop. I prefer using .png files for most Photoshop imports/exports.


2. Unlock your photo in your Layers channel - just click the ‘lock’ icon to unlock it. This should now read “Layer 0” instead of “Background.”


3. Click on the circle/ellipsis trace icon in your Tools panel. (Note: you may need to press Control and click on it to change it from rectangle trace to ellipsis trace)


4. To trace a perfect circle, hold down Shift while tracing a circle around the part of your photo you want in your circle frame. (Note: not holding down Shift will result in your trace being a not-so-perfect circle - which is cool if you want it - so make sure to hold down Shift and create the circle for some of that flawless circumference)


5. Next, head to Select > Inverse.

This will create a dotted lined around your entire photo, as well as keeping the traced circle outline.


6. Press Delete (or backspace). This will remove all of the remaining portion of the photo that’s outside of the traced circle outline.


7. Head to your Tools panel and select the Crop tool.


8. Drag the four outer edges of the frame to meet the outline of the circle. Photoshop usually makes this easy on you and will snap the edges exactly together as you drag the four outer edges of the square to meet the edges of the circle.


9. Press Enter to crop the image and voilà! You’ll get your circle image surrounded by a transparent background.


10. Save your image as a .png file by going to File > Export > Quick Export as PNG.

And that’s it! Super easy - huh? Now you can go on and crop all your photos into circles!

Stay cool, stay creative - 

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