How to Get Over 'Analysis Paralysis' and Get to Work

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Let's be real. The most difficult part of starting something can be just sitting down and STARTING IT. That, paired with the seemingly endless options and choices around every corner vying for our attention, can make it doubly difficult. That’s why I’m here blogging today about the dangers of succumbing to paralysis by analysis in favor of making decision after decision and then pivoting or altering your course along the way. 

We can get so scared about thoughts like Am I making the right choice? and I don’t know what my business or life will look like in a few months or years from now so how can I be sure that this is right at all?

The good news is that once you make a decision about something today, you’re not OBLIGATED to keep that same choice until you die. That’s why it’s best to make any decision and be open to potentially changing it down the road as your business changes and evolves.

Here are my main thoughts about getting over analysis paralysis and getting to work. You'll thank yourself for it later on!

1. Use and listen to your intuition.

When faced with the resistance you feel so familiarly as that which comes from hesitating endlessly between two or more options, take a moment to really listen to your intuition and go from there.  

Chances are, you’ve been going in circles for a while now. So once you’re finally sick of that, try making an intuitively-based choice, be confident about and don't second guess it, file it away under “business decisions” and then move on to the next phase.

2. There is no such thing as “too many choices.”

So many times, this analysis paralysis can stem from us subconsciously being aware that we are on the brink of leveling up and so we self-sabotage by claiming that “there are just too many choices.”

In reality, we know what’s up (come on, let’s give ourselves some credit, shall we?). We’re just tip toeing around it to avoid making those solid choices that are going to move us way forward.

Don't tiptoe. Make the decision and move forward. If you're taking these small actions every single day, you will be moving in a forward direction. 

3. Do it until it becomes a habit.

As you continue to make these no-nonsense, progress-making choices, they will get easier. Or, better, your ease of decision-making will improve. You will find that you become more decisive at a quicker rate as you’ll appreciate the forward motion rather than the constant round-and-around of indecision.

You’ll grow to LOVE the feeling of making those snap decision as your business savvy increases and you start to become more and more familiar with what your business will look like at a future time when you don’t necessarily know in this moment. 

I love the Amazon/Jeff Bezos idea of high velocity decision making. It's a value of the mega company that strives for high-quality and high-speed decision making in an effort to keep up with technology that changes on a day-to-day basis. 

Be like amazon. Make high-velocity decisions.

Love, analysis paralysis and talking your way into stagnation is so out.

You want to level up with your business or passion project? The quickest and most effective way to do so is to make those decisions you’ve been putting off so as to more efficiently use your mental and creative energy for your true craft.

Make decisions. Use your intuition. Pivot when you need to. Be flexible and open to change down the road. Be quick. Be confident. Be creative. Repeat. 


Stay cool, stay creative,

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