Hey Solopreneurs: Get Yourselves OUT there!

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I can honestly say that the majority of my blog writing is about reminding myself of all of these nuggets of, ahem, wisdom. Writing for me is inspiring, therapeutic, and when the words are flowing, I'm one happy gal. So let's consider this one our gradual reminder from yours truly about getting in the right headspace for really getting out there and getting after your goals - especially as a solopreneur or a one-person show. Here are some of my thoughts around the issue.

Incoming business is a numbers game.

Well, 100% at the beginning, it is. Let's say you've just launched your online business. You're a coach, or you're a ghostwriter, or your a social media manager. When you've just launched your website and you've just discovered that this is what you want and you're even a couple months in and nothing seems to be happening and you're getting a little impatient because Wait I thought I would launch my website and make a few posts and then the business would come to me?!

Enter the numbers game. Enter you putting yourself out there and sending emails to literally everyone you know asking them to keep you in mind when they think of anyone in need of your service. Enter you cold-calling, cold-emailing, cold-Facebook-messaging, cold-letter-writing your dream clients or people you'd love to work for or people who might find your services valuable. Enter you literally putting everything you've got out into the universe and then some more and then believing that everything is on its way back to you, ten-fold. 

Remember the numbers game. Respect the numbers game. Put it all out there. Leave no stone (read: potential client) unturned. Make sure those who you're thinking/dreaming about/imagining working with know your name. 

Put yourself out there. People aren't going to just come to you. Prove to them why they SHOULD.

Back to us creating and launching our website and maybe posting a couple posts about it and then actually not getting any clients from that. At the beginning of the process, there's no sitting back and waiting for that offer to come into your email inbox. You've gotta put yourself out there. As far out there as possible.

Be visible. Provide value in Facebook Groups. Provide value on Instagram. Be more visible than the competition. Nervous about those couple of people seeing your posts on social media because they might have something unfavorable to say or think? Forget about 'em, block 'em. Sayonara, baby. This here's a one-way train to future business.

Keep providing value. 

 Once more for emphasis: keep providing value. Even (and sometimes especially) if you're not receiving anything, people will remember how you helped them. Keep helping. Keep answering questions. Keep giving your opinions and input. Keep providing value. That is how you're going to make a lasting impression! That is how you're going to become one of the first people who someone thinks about when someone asks them if they know of any good graphic designers or a ghostwriters or social media managers.

And that's the beginning to how your I don't have any incoming business or clients at all becomes Wow I just reached out to this one woman who posted something about needing a new logo design and now she'd love to hire me!

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