How to Design Instagram Story Highlights in Canva


Instagram story highlights are all the rage right now! Have you ever stumbled upon someone's business profile on Instagram only to be wowed by their cute little story highlights along the top of their page? It automatically sets them apart as hip and with it with their branding and biz design! Be one of those people! Here's how:

1.  Log in to your Canva account. If you don't have one, it's super easy to sign up (and free!) - I just use my Google account for easy sign-up action.

Once inside, I use the search bar to search for 'Instragram story.' While they don't have Instagram story highlight settings (yet), I just pretend like I'm designing something to add to my Instagram story (which is what story highlights essentially are)! 

For this, I've chosen the yellow-beige poster "May all your wildest dreams come true" (complete with effective subliminal messaging and all) and have opened that in my new Canva workspace.

2. Choose.png

2. From here, I find it best to just strip the canvas of everything just to start from scratch. Of course, you're welcome to leave whatever you'd like on the poster, but I prefer to start on a blank canvas to experiment with different colors and whatnot. 

To delete all elements, just click on them all individually and then hit 'Delete' or 'Backspace' on your keyboard.

2. Choose.png
2. Take everything off.png

3. From here, I will select my background color. To do this, head to the Background tab on the left-hand side of your window and choose whichever color you'd like. I've selected my own custom blueish color by choosing the '+' button under 'Document Colors.'

3. Choose blue.png

4. Next up, we'll start adding icons to our poster. I'm going to head to 'Elements' on the left-hand panel and search for 'computer' to see what types of icons come up. To narrow down your search, you can specify by clicking on 'Illustrations' so that you don't have to filter through photos, etc. 

4. Search elements.png
4. Illustrations.png

5. After choosing my computer icon, I place it in the center of my document using the nifty Canva guides to find the exact center. Just by dragging the item around, you'll find lines that help you find the center or any other alignment in the document. 

To change the color of the icon, just select the color box at the top of the window and choose whichever color you like. For this, I've chosen a basic red color over the blueish background.

Note: some icons will have a default color and will not be able to be changed or customized. To overcome this, I try to only select customizable icons :)

5. Choose computer.png
5. How to change color.png

6. Once I'm satisfied with the size and color of my first icon, I repeat the process with several other icons that I want to use as my Instagram story highlight images.

For simplicity's sake, I've collected them on one page for now (see bottom right image) so that I can get a feel for how they'll all look lined up. 

6. Arrange down the page.png
6. Choose different matching icons.png

7. Once I have my icons sized and colored similarly, I'll start creating the individual pages of each story highlight. I'll copy the pages using the Copy button (the two rectangles to the right of the document) and create as many copies as I have icons. 

7. Copy piece 4 times (or however many you'll need).png
7. For my 5 icons, I now have 5 copied pages.png

8. For the first page, I will delete all of the images except for the first one; and then I will center that image in the middle of the poster (this is where those automatic Canva measurement guides will come in handy!). 

8. Starting from the first icon, I'll delete the others.png
8. Then I'll center the one icon.png

9. Repeat the previous step (deleting all images except for one from each of the posters and centering the selected image) for all of the documents you have on hand. 

9. Do the same for the others (Canva has helpful guides to find the center).png

10. You should have as many posters as you do icons. 

11. Now time to save! Click on the Design Title at the top of the window and change it to "Instagram Story Highlights" or whatever you'd like. Select Done. 

11. Save the image name %22Instagram Story Highlights%22.png

12. Now, select 'Download' and choose the File Type PNG, leave all pages selected, and click 'Download.' This will save your story highlights as a zip file. You can then email this file to yourself so that you'll be able to open the images on your phone or whichever device you use to access you Instagram account. 

12. Navigate to Download.png
12. Save as PNG Zip File.png

13. From my phone, I'll open the email I've sent myself with my images and save each individual image to my camera roll. 

13. Open on phone.PNG

14. From there, I will edit my Instagram stories with their appropriate Story Highlight and edit the cover so as to make it my newly designed image!

14. Open file and save each image onto phone.PNG
15. What photos look like.PNG










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Stay cool, stay creative -

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