How to Establish a Mindset Morning Routine (And Why You Should!)

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Before recently, mornings meant grumpiness, refusing to let anyone speak to me before I’ve had some coffee, and overall slugging around missing my warm bed. 

I can honestly say all of that has changed for the (sooooo much) better. I now can’t imagine my morning without my cozy armchair, a mug of hot tea, my journal and my current mindset-focused book on my Kindle.

Here’s what I do now:

  1. Wake up early. Like early, early. Like if I have to do something at 8, I wake up two hours before at 6 to get sufficient time focusing on my mindful morning.
  2. Grab my journal and whatever mindset-focused book I’m currently reading (as of now it’s The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz).
  3. Start reading and jotting down whatever resonates most with me while also noting my own thoughts surrounding the subject.
  4. Set an intention, an affirmation, or something to think about for the day that will refocus and recenter my mind if I drift a bit.
  5. Try to meditate for at least ten minutes (I can honestly say that it’s getting easier!!! It’s taken a while, but being “in the zone” is the most amazing feeling, so if you have trouble even with the idea of meditating, I highly suggest simply keeping at it!)
    1. (Also - if you’re rolling your eyes while reading this, I totally would’ve been doing the same thing a few months back - so no worries!)

Tips on building a routine that works for you:

Make it about you.

Don’t feel the need to copy exactly what works for someone else if it doesn’t work for you or if you don’t really resonate or connect with it. 

Not into meditation? No problem, try writing a to-do list for the day and imagine yourself ticking off each task.

Affirmations and intentions too woo-woo? Not to worry - why not set simple goals for your day, your week, your month - or even your year? (OK I’ve been watching a lot of Friends lately, so I had to throw that last one out there - if ya know, ya know!)

Take your time.

It can take a WHILE to truly establish a routine and these habits. Don’t be so hard on yourself if it doesn’t stick right from the get-go. Keep waking up when you can, hitting snooze if you have to, and starting small - maybe jotting down a few notes in your journal or agenda while you calmly sip your morning coffee or tea.

Once the habit’s there, make it non-negotiable.

This is easier said than done now, before you’ve established your good morning habit and routine, but once it’s solid, it will be easier for it to be non-negotiable because you’ll expect it each and every day. Kind of like getting in shape and exercising everyday - you just feel kind of blah if you miss a day of doing it!

Honestly, I could NOT imagine my mornings without this peaceful and focused time for strictly myself. I was talking about it with a friend just the other day, but it just feels so nice to be able to take such intentional time caring for your mind, spirit, and overall well-being. 

My latest recommended mindset reads:

  • You are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  • You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

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