How To Switch Website Templates on Squarespace

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Recently, I had a client approach me telling me he was interested in possibly changing the template layout of his site. My first reaction was "Great, let's do it!" but then I immediately stopped and was hit by the worry of potentially losing all content on the site.

Fortunately, Squarespace makes template-switching experience as easy as ever. Below, you'll find the steps to switching your Squarespace template. Let's hear it for stress-free redesigns and template switches! 

1. Even with your current Squarespace template, you're still free to browse other templates on Squarespace, install them onto your site and make/preview any changes on the site before choosing to go live. 

2. Decide what template you'd like to install. My client was doing some browsing on his own and knew for a fact that he was interested in the Bryant template, as it has a great layout for real estate businesses and brokers to display availabilities and openings.

3. Install the template onto your Squarespace work panel. Note that your previous template will still be in used all the way up until you decide to run the new template live for your website visitors. 

4. Once you begin making edits on your new chosen template, your previous web pages will all be saved and available to you. However, you will have to make some layout/design changes to your new template. I don't think we've reached the days yet where your previous pages will just magically and perfectly realign themselves into the new template format! 

5. Check the workability and functionality of the new template design. For example, do all buttons lead where you want them to?

6. Once everything is good to go, head on over to your Squarespace work station on the left-hand side and select 'Run Live' on your new template. This template design will now be viewable by your website audience.

Voilà! Now you know how to switch Squarespace templates without losing any of your information! 

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