My Instagram Batching Secret to Save Time (and Frustration)

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When it comes to outside tools and third-party applications, I can honestly say that I'm not a fan. I strongly dislike over-complicating things, and while a lot of these tools can be helpful and make my life easier as they claim to do, I personally see them as being a bit annoying and as just another password and username to keep track of. 

Anybody with me? Well, if you are - I assume you'll continue reading. Hopefully.

In other words, if you're all for third-party apps and you're a password and username aficionado or collector, by all means, stop reading here and go treat yo'self with some more outside apps! More power to ya!

And if you're still with me now, let's get into the nitty gritty of low-maintenance Instagram batching.'s actually super simple!

I actually just schedule a week's worth of posts/Instagram content into my 'Saved Drafts' of my Instagram profile with captions and everything and then just post the content each evening around the same time. 

So, for each photo, I make as though I'm just about to post it (I edit the photo, add in the fire captions when I'm feelin' myself, and add in any necessary tags or locations) and then right before pulling the trigger and posting it for all to see, I just select 'Back.' 

Then, the app will let you know that it is 'Saving to drafts...' After that, you can find all these saved drafts when you're about to select a new photo to post. You'll also have the chance to manage all of them if you no longer want to post a certain photo.

Admittedly, I'm not crazy-strict about exactly what time I post, because ~ everyone, let's calm down ~, but I love the fact that I just have to go into my Saved Drafts of Instagram posts and select the one I want to use and then - BAM - posted. 

Now, sometimes this won't work for things I want to post about in the moment, but that's fine because I don't mind just writing up a little caption at any given moment if needed. What gets me all stressed out is having to take the time to select a photo, edit it, think of a caption, etc. etc. every single day. It can take a long time each day and honestly exhausts me.

Social-media-burnout City, population: me.

Steal my strategy: sit down for about 30 minutes on Sunday night and craft about 5-7 Instagram posts and captions. Instead of clicking 'Post' on each edited 'gram photo, just click 'Back'  until the app tells you it's saving the draft. Then come back at the time you'll want to post it, and you'll find it there waiting patiently and delightfully ready to be posted. 

Try it! What do you have to lose besides that extra time every day deciding what to post and what to say about it?!

Stay cool, stay creative - 

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