March Business Recap: B-School, Drunk HerStory, & Gifts from the Universe

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I really feel like 2018 is flying by. Like, didn't we just ring in the new year and get back into our daily lives? I had a big France week in February with one of my best friends and already that feels like ages ago. 

So here we are in March. Love March. March is great. Spring's around the corner - even if it shows little glimpses of itself only to slam the door in our faces and come back in with cold fronts and tons of rain. But so is life - all for the good of the flowers and new life of spring, I suppose.

Let's talk about business things from March. 


B-School is still carrying on swimmingly. We're coming to the end of a period called 'Implementation Week' where we basically have a break from new content to be able to apply what we've learned so far to our own businesses. For this week, I've been all about creating my new opt-in freebie - a 4-Day Business Branding Challenge - that lets anyone steal my client branding process in order to get down to the nitty-gritty on building their own brand. 

P.S. Want it? It's already yours!

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It's definitely been a process, but once I sit myself all the way down and give myself a set amount of time (ONLY) for a certain day, I was surprised at just how much I can truly accomplish. It's really a game-changer once you realize you don't have a whole day, week, month (and on and on) to do something. If you only give yourself from 5-7pm on Tuesday and NOTHING MORE, your brain kinda gets down to business. And I'm not mad about it. 

But putting together this branding challenge was awesome because I got to play around in Adobe InDesign (which I love to do!) so that I'd be better able to help people put together a winning brand for themselves, their businesses, or their passion projects.

Client project - Drunk HerStory

Speaking of passion projects, I've been working on a dream client's own project - called Drunk HerStory. It's going to be a web series based on the classic Drunk History, but with a feminist twist. Humor, wine, women's rights, and the female experience - what could be better!?

I designed the website and branding for this amazing project and I'm so, so excited to you to see the launch (coming soon!). The process was so delightful and I look forward to many more client experiences as the one I had with Bre and her collaboration and trust in my vision paired with hers to create something damn amazing!

For now, here's the link to get more information and to (hopefully) donate to this amazing undertaking!

Teaching English in France

As you may (or may not) know, I live in France by way of teaching English 12 hours a week (which actually always ends up with my working half of that for some reason or another). My contract will be finishing up at the middle of next month and I'm so excited to be able to really focus more on Alex Morton Creative and amazing client projects!

I'll still be over here though - living it up in Spring and Summertime Europe (the dream!) - so if you're around, let's share a glass of white wine on some breezy-9 pm-sunset-no-care-in-the-world terrace. I mean, if you're into that kinda thing. 

June Copywriting Retreat in Italy

In the spirit of wine and summertime, I've been invited to the most amazing copywriting retreat in Riomaggiore, Italy (that's in the Cinque Terre, if you're wondering - AND one of the most amazing spots on this here little Earth).

So it goes a little something like this: Girl has dreams of returning to Cinque Terre this year - possibly near her birthday in October/November. Girl thinks about possible ways of doing so. Girl quite literally stumbles upon a banner of some application-invitation writing retreat in Italy in June. Girl is curious. Girl reads through and can see herself there like nobody's business. Girl applies in a flash because that's just what she does when the Universe throws such obvious signs at her. Girl submits application and waits a few hours before receiving an invitation. Girl is elated.

Girl is still elated.

And....when looking for flights just this morning for June to Riomaggiore from Toulouse, France - it just so happens that my exact dates have a measly 49€ price tag on them when all their fellow flights cost upwards of 200 and 300 euros. 

P.S. Girl is me (Alex) just for clarification.

Upcoming Travels

This weekend, my sweet love and I are headed to Prague. We leave tomorrow and we are (go figure) elated. This was a gift for his birthday in February, and we're finally going to Czech this one off our bucket list!

To be honest, really looking forward to all the delicious beer that the Czech Republic has to offer! Now taking suggestions for any and all can't-miss items for a weekend in Prague! 

March Reads:

You Are a Badass (At Making Money) by Jen Sincero (second time around)
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien
Demain by Guillaume Musso (en français)

That's it for March, friends! It's been a big month and I'm so looking forward to the rest of this year - it's gonna be a big one. Stay on the lookout for universal signs and don't be afraid to jump on opportunities that make your entire body feel like a drumming heartbeat! 

Stay cool, stay creative - 

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