My Massive Mindset Shifts in Two Months: What I Read, Studied, and Invested In

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Happy March, everyone! I, for one, can't believe we're already here - onto our third month of 2018. January felt like it took forever and a day, February seems like it almost didn't even happen... What's going on with time?

For this blog post, I wanted to dig a little deeper into my personal journey with opening up my mindset in terms of business, money, and just living an all-around badass life as a location-independent Squarespace website designer. 

Although the journey so far has been amazing, to say the least, it hasn't been easy. And anyone who has undertaken the task/process/journey of making major mindset shifts will let you know that it's no walk in the park. 

But I wanted to share my own personal journey thus far because - holy cow - I'm already lightyears beyond where I was just two and a half months ago at the tail-end of 2017. In this post, I'll outline my processes, any books, courses, and financial investments I've made so that you have a first-hand look at the commitment and no-holds-barred approach that's so freaking necessary to make massive changes in your life - professionally, personally, what have you.

End of December - focusing on 2018 goals and resolutions

Over the holiday vacation during the last two weeks of December, I found myself nestled comfortably away at my boyfriend's parents' home in the peaceful south-western French countryside. Before everything, I knew I wanted my 2018 to be about learning to meditate regularly, taking control of my financial life, and doing things I've never done before to reach places yet unattained (by yours truly).

I knew it would be uncomfortable at times, but I was sick of feeling limited in living a paycheck-to-paycheck existence. I have HUGE plans for the coming years in terms of travel and other experiences and I knew somethin' had to give if I wanted to successfully accomplish all of them.

So I ended up joining a few female entrepreneurial focused Facebook groups. A few of my favorites were/are:

  • Location-Independent Biz Babes
  • The Bucketlist Bombshells Tribe
  • Female Digital Nomads

From the Location-Independent Biz Babes group, I fell in love with what Susi, the group facilitator and business coach/founder of Dreamlife Deluxe  had to share with the group in terms of authentically living and creating your dream life as an entrepreneur. I gobbled up any and all of her free offerings (which were GENEROUS!), though I never opted in for any of the paid courses of coaching sessions. 

From some of Susi's offerings, I learned about the differences between a lack- and an abundance-focused mindset, the power of giving more than you receive, how important it is to show up and be visible, and how you MUST start living the life of the person you want to be in a few years NOW in order to truly visualize your success.

For Christmas, I received a few books from my boyfriend's parents about meditation. (Funny thing, isn't it - since meditation was a 2018 goal of mine...) From about Christmas to New Years', I focused heavily on journaling every morning. At first I used prompts from Susi's free email trainings, and then I started to feel more comfortable with staking out on my own. 

I can't express enough how powerful forming that journalling habit was for me. Difficult, yes, but so so so worth it. Write specifically about your goals, how you'll achieve them, what you're visualizing for yourself, what your current limiting beliefs are and how to change your narrative.

January 2018

Back home after the holidays, I carried on with journalling, reading my meditation book during my commute to my day-job, and got into a major habit of waking up extra-early to give myself a full hour of me-time and journalling and meditation. 

Honestly, it got to be like a drug and I would find myself literally not being able to function if I didn't have that peaceful time to myself and my mind in the morning.

I outline how best to form a morning routine in this blog post right over here.

I started reading Jen Sincero's You Are a Badass, resonated HEAVILY with it, journaled at the same time as reading it each morning and quickly moved on to her next book You Are a Badass at Making Money. There are major journalling exercises in the book as well as actionable steps (visualization, being generous with money, etc.) that I MADE myself complete (every single task, no excuses).

Already feeling major, major shifts in my mindset and relationship with lack vs. abundance, I felt empowered to hire a business/awareness coach. I followed certain cues I kept receiving (I call it 'the Universe,' but everyone has their jam), and I went ahead and got on a call with my now-coach. 

Don't get my wrong, I was scared shitless to make the investment but I knew I needed even the immediate shift that would come out of me saying YES in faith rather than sulking back and waiting "until I was ready." 

I meet via Skype with my coach every two weeks or so and she helps me gain clarity on exactly where I want to be and exactly how I can make that happen. I love the feeling of having this "official" person to keep me accountable as well as my own financial conscience being like "Girl, you better WORK." 

And so I do. 

Also, once I invested in a coach and began working with her, two new website design clients fell into my lap in the same week. So, I don't really know how to explain that other than the age-old adage - the Universe works in mysterious ways.

February 2018

February continued along the path of continuous growth. Having faith that my investments will always come back to me (abundance mindset), I decided to enroll in two courses put together by The Bucketlist Bombshells focused around finessing Tech and Design skills for online business women. 

I felt so much more empowered to say yes to these courses than I would've felt even just two months ago - when I would've been continuing to pace the floor and never actually move in any true direction. I gained so much clarity and so many skills from these courses and I finally opted in to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Suite which would overall benefit my business, especially seeing as that I offer branding and design services. 

Near the middle of February, I had a good friend from college come visit for a week of French travels in Toulouse, Montpellier, Lyon, and Paris. Near the end of our fabulous trip, I made probably the biggest and most pivotal decision of the last two months - and that was to sign up for the 2018 Class of Marie Forleo's B-School - aimed at helping individuals gain MEGA clarity on their businesses, their ideas, and their futures. 

I played with the idea for a day or so and then felt empowered and confident enough to say "You know what? Fuck it. I'm not going to wait around for when I feel 'ready.' Now is the time, and I can be as ready as I want to be, darn it!" 

And I entered my information, and had never felt so clear and on the right path in my life. Already, through the Facebook group of the enrolled students, I feel as though I've found so many people who are on the same path as I am. When I was in Paris just the other day, I met with an amazing woman who wanted to buy a gorgeous house outside of the city to host weekend cooking retreats for people visiting the region. 

It was like meeting the most kindred of spirits. 

Whew! Okay, so that's where I am right now as we begin our trip into March. I'm so excited about what's to come. I'm so ready. Even if sometimes my mind gets scared and tells me I'm not.

I'm so ready. 


Book Recommendations:

  • You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  • You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain
  • Unshakeable by Tony Robbins
  • The Girls by Emma Cline (just for fun!)
  • Chanson Douce by Leila Slimani (if you also read in French!)

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