3 Things You NEED Before Hiring a Web Designer

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Hello, hello friends!

If you’re a business owner or really anyone looking to build a kickass, modern, clean and professional website - you know that it’s a lot easier thinking about getting it done than it is actually getting it done.

You may have gone in and had a go at DIY-ing the site yourself, only to find out exactly three nanoseconds in that what you had in mind might be a tad bit more difficult to accomplish than a couple of drag and drops and finito!

So, you might have moved to Plan B - which encompasses hiring a fun expert web designer who you totally jive with and who completely gets the vibe you’re goin’ for.

But before you set a date on the holy matrimony of you and your designer building an incredible kickass, modern, clean and professional website… you need a few things in place for a seamless and happy experience (and one that hopefully never ends in tears and divorce).

Here are 3 things you need before starting your work with a designer:

1 >> A general idea of what you want your site to look like

Chances are, you have a clear idea of the type of website you’re envisioning for your own project. And chances are, you’ve seen hints of inspiration of it before from other websites (don’t be shy! Everyone has website envy of another person or business at one point or another!)

Now, before working with your designer, you should have a general list of websites (anywhere from 2-3 websites to a larger handful) that you find totally awesome and have some elements that you’d like to explore using in your own design.

Note: This does not mean finding a website and saying “Here, I want my website to be designed exactly like this one!” One, you’d never want your own website to copy anyone else’s and two, your designer probably wouldn’t go for that idea either.

So, say you have your couple of websites in mind. Now, go through and makes notes of what you love about each one. I promise you, on Day One of your website design project with your designer - it’s gonna go swimmingly if you can show up to the party with these types of notes :)

2 >> Have your copy ready (or at least a general idea of each page’s message)

If you’re building a website, chances are you know what you want to share with your audience. The thing here is to make an outline of what messaging and language will go on each page of your website.

Why this is helpful for your designer: form follows function. If your designer knows what’s most important for your audience to know on each page, she’ll have a hell of an easier time designing the graphics and layout when she has a general idea of where the actual words will go.

I generally give my clients a Google doc with the sections listed out as different web pages and ask them to at least draft their messaging so that I have an idea of their copy and how best to express that so that it leads to major engagement and conversion (aka all the good things when it comes to web design!)

3 >> High resolution photos that you’ll want to use around the site

Here’s my take on photos for your website. You can have the most killer design imaginable, but if your photos aren’t good and high-quality - well, let’s just say the website’s just not going to be all that great.

I’d say that good, high-quality photos and images on websites make up 80% of the clean and professional look that businesses and entrepreneurs strive to have. And let’s face it - having high-quality photos ups your credibility ten-fold like that.

My advice on this: please don’t solely rely on good photos you’ve taken on your iPhone. While, yes it’s definitely possible to use (very good-quality) iPhone photos here and there around your site, I would 100% recommend investing in a good couple of professionally-done photos to use as your main header images on (at least!) your Home and About pages!

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Hope this helps a bit! If you’re about to get to work with a designer, good for you! Seriously, it’s such a major step you’re taking to level up, and you should be reeeeal proud of yourself :)

If you’re considering working with a designer to get your website up to snuff, I invite you as always to contact me so we can set up a rad little project for you!

Stay cool, stay creative - 

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