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The #1 Question to Ask for an Effortless Web Design

If you're reading this blog post, chances are you currently have a website for your business. And if you don't, then you've probably been majorly thinkin' 'bout it. It can feel damn-near impossible to design your website. I've been there. You have something awesome in your head and then you sit down at your desk and suddenly everything becomes a lot more enticing.

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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Website Fonts

Choosing fonts can seem like one of the easiest parts of branding and designing your Squarespace website, but in reality, it is far from a non-issue. The reality of it is that once you’re in your Squarespace site, jammin’ away on the backend, you’ll inevitably get to the part where you’re back in the Style Editor and deciding on which fonts to use in your site. Should you choose the fonts that you personally like (even if they don’t go that well together)? Hmm. Or should you just avoid the headache of choosing and just use all the same fonts for each different header? Alright, before we let anxiety take over and get us out of our branding and design groove, let’s go over some font-choosing basics for when you’re designing your Squarespace website.

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