The Importance of Taking Business Breaks as a Creative

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May was a big month. May was a crazy month. May flew by without a backward glance, and here I am on the third day of June wondering where it all went. 

The thing is - I didn't publish any blog posts during the entire month. Not a one.

I had a few travels, a few client projects, and a whole lot of busy. And while I knew I could get down on myself about not finding the time to blog - I realized, I literally didn't have the time to blog! 

And that's totally O.K. 

No one died because of it. No one wrote in wondering where I was. And all of that free energy (not just the energy saved from not producing content - but also that saved from simply not worrying about it) went to loving life and enjoying the passing moments of almost-summer vibes. 

As creatives, it can be damn hard to justify the fact that we should rest. That we can rest. That we quite simply need to rest in order to keep functioning at our most optimal. We need true breaks from creating and producing content and working inside of our businesses.

We lose ourselves in constant series' of internal negotiations against taking breaks: Why would we take a moment to ourselves when we're doing everything we possibly can for our work. For what our businesses will look like in the future. For everything we've already worked so hard for. 

And I'm here writing this now as a reminder (to myself as well as to you) that breaks are good. Creative breaks. Mental breaks. Work breaks. These breaks all occur whether we like them to or not. The only difference between breaks we choose to take for ourselves and breaks we don't is that the breaks we have involuntarily usually lead to burn-out and imminent loss of inspiration (i.e. 100% not ideal).

I'll be honest. May was a crazy month. I finished up a client project while spending a week in southern Morocco, and by the end of that project, I honestly didn't want to look at anything pertaining to Squarespace for days and even weeks on end. 

And so I didn't. 

As creatives, it's crazy difficult to make the break - to take the break - from our creative work, passion projects, and businesses.

But when we do, we return to whatever we're working on with a radical sense of motivation that shows up beautifully and undeniably in the work we're excited to return back to. 

Stay cool, stay creative - 

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