Why It's Time to Start Showing Up as the Person You Truly Are

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Until quite recently, it was the same old story. I'd go somewhere, meet new people, and that old question would inevitably come up from somewhere: So, Alex, what do you do?

Here it was! My opportunity to share about Squarespace website design business! My hopes and dreams and all the things that set my little heart on fire! Here we go, here it comes...

"Oh, I teach English as an assistant teacher in a French high school." 

Wait a second, wait. No, that wasn't right, was it? And by then, the conversation has already moved full speed ahead and to jump back to that topic would be a little weird now. Hmm. 

End inner dialogue. Also, not sure we even have to mention the fact that I literally can't remember anyone's name from that little conversation because I was so busy trying to figure out why I didn't show up as the person I am, and more importantly, as the person I want to be.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Deep down, we know who we are and we know what sets our beautiful hearts and souls on fire. Why do we settle for giving those around us the "societally-acceptable" versions of ourselves. The versions that say "yes, I'm a responsible person and have a 'normal' job despite the fact that I'm working my arse off every other waking hour of my life trying to build something I'm 10000% more passionate about!" 

Why do we feel nervous to show up confidently, beautifully, UNDENIABLY as our true selves? 

I've only recently started mentioning my Squarespace website design business, Alex Morton Creative, as my main entrance when asked what I do or what I'm all about. Sure, I still work as an English teacher, but I treat that job as something that's in the background of what sets my heart aflame - which is building a profitable, sustainable, and location-independent business all on my own. 

That's the kind of stuff I wake up for in the morning. So, why wouldn't that be what I open the Alex Morton show with during any given conversation?! Crazy, right?

We need to start showing up as ourselves, our TRUE selves, and the selves we already look up to. The people we know we'll become as long as we keep at those consistent professional actions for our businesses and passions. 

When someone asks you what you do or what you're all about, tell them. Don't sugar-coat it to make it more acceptable or easier for people to swallow. If you've been lucky enough to find something you can't wait to wake up for in the morning (regardless of whether or not it makes you money), by all means shout it from the rooftops.

I think we all could use more people like that in this world. People who prove that it's OK to not be everything for everyone and to not be ashamed of what they love to do even if it's outside of the (dreaded, and oftentimes boring) expectation. 

Be different, show up as your best self.

What a concept, huh?!

Stay cool, stay creative -

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