Why I Prefer Squarespace for My Websites

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If you're reading this and you've either already created a website or are gearing up to create one, you'll be no stranger to the fact that there are SO many options to choose from. How do you know if one platform is totally right for you while another one might be horrible for you? And how would you know before trying the site out?! (GASP). Enter analysis paralysis. OR....just consider using Squarespace from the start. I may be biased, but here are ten great reasons why Squarespace may be the best option for you as a new website designer. 

1. Intuitive Backend

If you've ever worked with designing a Squarespace website, you'll already know how intuitive everything is. Squarespace is a very "smart" platform that guides users (especially first-timers) through the process of building their sites. Just taking the platform for a little spin will have you feeling great about Squarespace and excited to learn all you can about it!

2. Minimalistic, simple style

Again, in terms of the backend of the site (meaning the behind-the-scenes, functionality features that your audience doesn't get to see), Squarespace is suuuuper minimalistic, and I just love it. There aren't a ton of plug-ins or gadgets or widgets or confusing tabs cluttering up your desktop workspace and I'm just all about that simplified life! 

3. Lots of different templates to choose from to then make custom sites from

Some people pooh-pooh the fact that Squarespace uses templates for the design and claim that it doesn't count as true, original website development, but that's just a pile of bull-silliness. Squarespace offers up the use of a bunch of templates to choose from for the foundational skeleton of your website, and then after that - it's up to you how you wanna design it. Normally, for those who are new to designing or designing their own websites for the first time, I'd recommend adhering to the main suggested structure of the templates in order to keep things in nice order. However, as you become more experienced with the ins and outs of Squarespace, that's when you'll truly be able to choose a template based on its functionality and then strip it bare in order to throw down all that you really want in there! When I choose templates now, I basically strip the template form of all content in order to start from scratch.

4. Amazing customer service and support (all-online)

So the thing about Squarespace customer support is that they actually don't offer support over the phone. Now, some people might find this alarming (especially those who feel more comfortable chatting over the phone with someone), but I truly believe that this is the future of customer care. Hear me out - chatting over email or a live chat feature (with real humans - no robots...yet!) is instantaneous. With phone support, there'd be no way to achieve the same level of quick and instant question-answering. Hellooooo, "please hold for 47 minutes, you are currently number 97 in our queue...." No thank you!

5. Easy to edit based on mobile, tablet, and desktop design

I love editing my site's layouts and seeing EXACTLY how they'll appear to users on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It saves a lot of the whole trial-and-error thing that goes on with a lot of other website platforms I've used in the past. 

Squarespace Website Designer Alex Morton Creative.png
Squarespace Website Designer Alex Morton Creative.png

6. Little to no coding knowledge needed

If you're a business owner designing your website and you have little to no coding knowledge, Squarespace makes it super easy on you. Gone are the days where you need to crash-course yourself on basic HTML and CSS terms (which can get pretty not-so-basic REAL quickly!) in order to make a quick fix to something on a template. Squarespace layout templates are very, very flexible in terms of what you can alter and adjust, so rest assured that you won't need to be Googling 'How to code in 5 minutes' just to fix a minor design on your site. 

7. Your sites are all neatly laid out

I love even just signing in to my Squarespace portal because of how neatly everything is laid out. Squarespace is pretty visually intuitive, so just being able to see exactly what I'll be working on on any given day is a nice way to start my daily processes and work flow. 

Squarespace Website Designer Alex Morton Creative.png

8. Editing the site's branding is super straightforward with the Style Editor

This goes back to the lack of necessity for coding knowledge. In fact, with the Style Editor, Squarespace website builders can simply go in and select the section they'd like to edit (straight from the page) by clicking right on the part of their website. Easy! You'd be surprised at all the functions of the Style Editor in your website. It's what makes the Squarespace templates so, so, so easy to adjust exactly to your liking! 

Squarespace Website Designer Alex Morton Creative.png
Squarespace Website Designer Alex Morton Creative.png
Squarespace Website Designer Alex Morton Creative.png

9. Seamless blogging

I love blogging on Squarespace because there's really no thinking behind it (well, except for the whole writing process - which I personally adore!). Writing and publishing blog posts is yet another intuitive (sensing a theme here?) function of Squarespace because it lets you simply add pages and settings as if you're just adding another page. 

Squarespace Website Designer Alex Morton Creative.png

10. Drag-and-drop method that's highly responsive

Okay, last one that's super important to me is how the drag-and-drop method that Squarespace employs is so easy and flowing. I've worked with other platforms that also use drag-and-drop, but I have to say that Squarespace offers up infinite more choices and flexibility. It's just amazing. Choose whatever you want to add to the site and place it, literally, wherever. 

Okay, dears! Hope this post helped you see some of the main reasons I'm absolutely in love with Squarespace as one of the best platforms out there. Happy decision-making for those of you who are deciding on a platform and do reach out if you have any Q's!


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