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Case-Study: Web Design for Lifelong Learning Abroad

James "Jim" Benn is the founder of Lifelong Learning Abroad - a program that offers the quintessential Parisian study-abroad program with a simple little twist: it's not for students, but instead for older folks who are wanting to experience a little bit of travel and French immersion now that, say, their kids have moved out and they're reading for new adventures! 

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Case Study: Sex Ed with DB Podcast Website

So a few months ago, I designed the website for the amazing podcast Sex Ed with DB - which is an intersectional, feminist podcast with aspirations to spread awareness of sexual education as well as to erase the taboo and stigma surrounding talking about sex! I wanted to use this post as a means to delve even deeper into the process I used to design Danielle's (aka DB's) website. So let's dive in!

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