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Web design your people adore and your
haters totally gon' hate

If any of the following sound like you, you're in the right place (and at the right time, I might add):

  • "I had no idea it would be so complicated to DIY my own site!"
  • "I know what I want my site to look like, but I have no friggin' idea how to get there."
  • "I've been at this for hours. And this is looking nothing like I was imagining. Maybe this means I should give up. On everything."

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For you if:

  • You've got your message (aka your web copy) and how you want your site to look and feel (aka your branding), but you just need to get yourself from Point A to Point Z without having to bother with the 24 other stress-inducing points
  • The thought of opening another web design tutorial tab has you in tears and grasping for that second (or third) glass of Pinot
  • You're impatient and wish you would've done your web designer shopping months ago because you need a new website, like, yesterday
  • You're looking for someone who can scavenge around inside your brain, scoop up what you're currently envisioning in your mind, and create web pages out of it all

Custom web design starting at $2,299
Website delivered in 2 weeks:

Around 2 weeks to 1 month before our design start date: 
You'll fill out my contact form and I'll give you a jingle. We'll go over what you need so that I can create a custom quote for your project. Then I will send you over a project proposal for you to confirm. I'll then send you a contract as well as your first invoice, which will be 50% of the quoted project cost. Once paid, your spot is booked in my design calendar, and I'll send you your "homework" to prepare for our project.

Don't worry, you won't be graded on it, but it is important for the overall effectiveness of our 2-week design timeframe! 

Week One: I'm busy working on your web design. Yay! You'll have completed all of your client homework, so I'm able to hit the ground running. Double yay! I'll consult you on any major decisions and send you updates along the way. My design process is a collaboration, so you'll never be left wondering what's goin' on. 

Week Two: As soon as the website design from Week One is completed, I invite you to review your new website. During this second week, I will focus on any edits and revisions that you’ll be needing in order to make your site as spectacular as you envision it to be! We won't stop until you're 100% satisfied with the result!

End of Week Two:
And that's a launch! Your website is ready. In order to hand over the controls to your website, I request the remaining 50% of your website investment. After that, we can chat over the phone or via Skype to go over the behind-the-scenes of your site so that you're fully ready to take the reins.

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Working with the Squarespace platform

For my package offerings, I work with the Squarespace platform. It's modern, intuitive, and extremely user-friendly - perfect for users who may not be very comfortable with the complex 'behind the scenes' of other website platforms. Squarespace also makes it easy to host your domain and website all in one place, so there aren't any third party apps or plug-ins to worry about. It's perfect for small business owners, coaches, authors, and more!

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Bundle up! Custom packages available: